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We aim to reclaim cultural capital where it’s been damaged or lost, working with those who are most impressionable, and those who are most in need to learn and practice. Ndi Ichie focuses on the Nigerian, and African diaspora communities as well as the greater Houston where they stage annual cultural festivals, Igbo language competitions, cultural dance, and folklore competitions to mitigate the possible loss of the Igbo tradition.

Social Control:

We have inculcated the conservative Igbo moral values through education of the youth, thus influencing their philosophy of living with impeccable moral values and respect.

Social Identity

We have used the Igbo culture and the applicable values to project the unique Igbo identity. By rehearsing a set of traditions, they have given the population their Ancestral identity, teaching the true Igbo custom, and passing it on from the older generations to the newer ones, thereby keeping the culture alive and fresh.

Social Bonding

We have consistently initiated various cultural and educational programs to unite the Igbos of Greater Houston, allowing them to practice and follow the traditional customs and values of the Igbo tradition. In Houston, Igbos familiar with Ndi_Ichie are bonded together through festivals they celebrate, the kind of clothing they wear, and the food they eat.


In today’s competitive world, indigenes migrate from their other countries in the quest for a better living. Igbo land is thousands of miles away from Houston, and retention of the tradition becomes a challenge. This challenge dovetails with the mission of Ndi-Iche to reclaim cultural capital where it’s been damaged or lost.


Fashion displays in traditional Igbo event-setting play a prominent role in promoting the Igbo culture and the applicable values and projecting the unique Igbo identity. By rehearsing a set of traditions, especially, the traditional Igbo fashion, Ndi-Ichie they have given the population their Ancestral identity


The youth represents the future; thus, the future of any person is dependent on the practical and spiritual development of the youth. Out of inexperience and misapprehensions of their psychological disposition, the youth can be easily influenced into situations that are counter to their interests.

The Cradle of Elder Statesmanship

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Historically, Ndi-Ichie is a Council of respected individuals that occupy a very high place in the Igbo society. They are well-regarded personalities; they are elected individuals of valued demeanor; honesty, and resourcefulness, with comprehensive moral reputations and other virtues. They are believed to command special connectivity with the ancestors, and at all times held in high regard.

Igbo as a tribe is well-known for her custom, engrained in a culture of esteemed values and characteristics.  A culture is a way of life of a group of people–the behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols that they accept, and most significantly represent.

In Houston, the fourth largest city in America where Igbos are densely populated, Ndi-Ichie Cultural Club has practically downloaded the philosophy of cultural attachment of the Igbos through art, literature, costumes, customs, education, fashion, and cultural festivals.

They organized parades and selected elder statesmen of Igbo ancestry, organizing the cultural consolidation of the Igbo tradition among Igbo indigenes of all ages. Today, the Ndi-Ichie Cultural Club has initiated and facilitated various programs with tremendous accomplishments.