Fostering and showcasing the Igbo Culture in the diaspora

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The unique experience of living far away from one’s original homeland throws up its special handicaps. Imagine suddenly losing the opportunity of experiencing all the exciting cultural festivals and practices that form part of your upbringing; can’t imagine what it’s like to hunger for the experience of watching the great Ijele or Ajofia masquerades in their mystical awe-inspiring grandeur. It’s a disservice that such an enriching cultural experience should be denied to any child or even adult just because geography has changed their place of abode.
We’re all looking to make a difference in our world. It is believed that focusing on promoting, fostering, and showcasing Igbo culture and folklore outside Igbo ancestral homeland makes a substantial impact. The world is made up of great cultures and fostering them positively, means huge dividends - in love, international understanding, and a better world.

Ichie Fred Ogbutor

Board Chairman

Ichie Peter Offodile


Ichie Sir Tim Ifemedebe

Public Relation Officer

Ichie Sir Paul Chukwujekwu

Financial Secretary

Ichie Chalton Anyagafu

Vice President

Isi-Ichie Uche Onuogu


Ichie Atty. Chuka Ukadike

General Secretary